How To Traffic Tags With Addroid Connect


This article discusses how to use Addroid Connect for inserting creatives directly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager.


How To Traffic Tags With Addroid Connect


Addroid Connect is a media tool for pushing Addroid creatives into DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) without the need to create placements/tags.  Creatives can simply be pushed from Addroid into DCM with the push of a button.

Before you get started:

1) Request an Addroid account (if you don't have one already)

2) Disable your pop-up blocker while you setup Connect

3) Ensure your browser is updated to a recent version 


1) Pre-trafficking Checklist

Before we push Addroid creatives into DCM, you will want to ensure the following are true:

a)  You have access to the Addroid campaign.  If not, ask the creative team to grant you "Full Access" to the Addroid campaign in the Addroid Create tool.

b)  You have created a campaign in DCM to receive the creatives.  You will need a destination campaign in DCM to receive creatives that you push.

c)  The creatives have been published by the creative team in the Addroid Create tool.  You will not be able to push creatives that have not been published and are in draft mode.


2) Addroid Connect Setup

 Once you have verified the checklist items above, you are ready to setup Connect and push creatives.  Follow the steps below to setup the DCM integration:

a)  Log into Addroid Connect at

b)  From the landing page click "Add Integration"

c) Select the "DoubleClick (DCM)" tile from the Integrations screen and click "Install Integration"

d) Follow the wizard to sign into your Google account using your Google/DCM credentials:

e) When the Google pop-up appears, leave the default settings and click "Allow"

f)  If prompted, select your DCM profile and click "Install Integration"

You will be returned to the home screen where a list of your DCM campaigns will be displayed:


3) Associate Addroid Creative Campaign

Once Addroid Connect is setup and you can view your DCM campaign list, the next step is to associate an Addroid creative campaign with the DCM campaign to push creatives.  Simply follow the steps below to link campaigns:

a) Select a DCM campaign from the list that will receive the Addroid creatives

b) Click the "Link Addroid Campaign" button to generate a pop-up window listing available campaigns

c) Select the Addroid campaign from the list and confirm your selection.  The linkage may take up to 30 seconds, so please be patient while the blue loading bar is displayed under the top header.


4) Push Desired Creatives Into DCM

Once the DCM and Addroid campaigns have been successfully associated, you will see them listed side-by-side in the tool.   On the left are creatives in the Addroid campaign, and on the right are Addroid creatives in DCM.

To push creatives into DCM, simply select the creatives and click 'Push Selected Creatives'

A modal pop-up window will appear with default settings selected.  Leave the default settings unless otherwise instructed to change by Addroid's Support team.  NOTE: the clickTag will be assigned in DCM by default.

Once the push is completed in Addroid Connect, the creatives will now appear in the DCM column, as well as in your DCM console.  You can now assign the creatives to Ads and Placements in DCM and proceed with trafficking.


For any additional questions, please email