How To Access Campaign Reporting


This article discusses how to access reporting from the Addroid console.


How To Access Campaign Reporting


As a publisher, media agency or client, often reporting access is needed to view campaign performance or performance of specific placements.  This guide provides an overview of how to access reporting from the Addroid console.


  1. Login to the Addroid Console

    To login to the Addroid console, browse to

    If you have a password, enter your details and "Sign In".

    If you do not have a password, click "Password Reset" and follow the instructions to gain access.

  2. Navigate to the Campaign

    Next, you will want to find the campaign.  By default you will be taken to the "Campaigns" tab, but you can always navigate back from the top menu:

    Locate the campaign name from the list.  NOTE: If your campaign is not present in the list, it has not been shared with your user name (email address) by the campaign owner.  Contact the campaign owner and request access by providing your email address to that person.

  3. Generate a Report

    Once you have located your campaign, click on the campaign name and navigate to the "Overview" tab:

    Click "Export Report" and a new dialog will appear:

    By default, all placements are selected.  To generate a report with only select placements, click the drop-down menu and de-select the placements that you do not wish to include in the report. 

    Once the desired placements are selected, set your date range and click "Create Report".  An Excel report will download to your computer.

  4. Logout

    Once you have finished with reporting, be sure to log out of the Addroid console for security purposes.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Addroid support at