The Replay Button



This option allows you to add replay functionality to your ad unit. The replay button appears on the endframe and can be positioned, tinted, and skinned to your liking.

Step 1 – Select Options

Open the builder and select options gear menu next to your endframe.

Step 2 – Toggle Off/On

After you click the options button the endframe of the unit you’re working on will be placed into a lightbox environment. On the top left of your browser, in the tool bar, you’ll find the replay button toggle will be in the off position. Go ahead and flip that to on. 

Initially you’ll be given the default graphic which is an arrow icon. This icon is a button and will appear in the top left of the unit.

At this point you are done unless you’d like to customize the position or look of the button.

How to Position the Replay Button

Positioning the replay button is as easy as dragging it into place. If you need more pixel perfect accuracy the X and Y fields in the tool bar will help you nail down the position.

How to Tint the Button

You can easily change the color of the replay button, whether it’s the default provided or your own custom uploaded PNG. On the toolbar click into the text field and the color picker will open. Drag to select your color and transparency or manually type in the hex of the color for perfect accuracy with your design.


How to Upload Your Own Custom Replay Button

Your endframe design may call for something different than the default replay icon. That’s ok! Just create a PNG of the graphic element you’d like to use. This could be a different icon or even the word “replay” in a special typeface that matches your design. Simply upload the your custom PNG like you would any of the other assets in your unit and it'll show up in the jumpmenu when you're in the lightbox view.

Please note:

  1. While your endframe MUST be the exact size of the ad unit the replay PNG should be cropped to the smallest size possible, while still leaving padding for better clickability (see image below), to reduce file size and insure the fastest load-time possible.