Endframe Requirements


This article discusses the role of endframes in Banner creatives.


The endframe appears after the 15 seconds (30 seconds in special cases) of initial video animation. This is traditionally where you’ll place the final product shot and call to action.

Above is an example from the demo assets that can be downloaded in our Help section. This is the most basic 300×250 design that show the product shot with a prominent call to action. Make sure you’re call to action (CTA) is large enough. Larger CTAs get more clicks so don’t be shy!

Please note:

  1. Your endframe design must be the same dimensions as your ad. Example: If you set the dimensions of your ad to 300×250 you’ll need to upload a 300×250 JPG endframe. You will not be able to reuse this endframe design on a 728×90 or any other ad unit in your campaign. Addroid doesn’t make any attempt to resize your assets as that type of design requires a human eye. Robots can’t do everything!

  2. Your endframe must be a JPG.

  3. Addroid will automatically compress endframes that are larger than web-ready sizes.  Consult our detailed endframe guidelines later in the Help section for more specific size constraints.