How To Pre-Compress Your Source Video


This article discusses how to pre-compress source video for upload to Addroid.  Addroid will do most of this work for you, but if your video assets are larger than 100Mb, you will need to pre-compress prior to uploading.

UPDATE: the videos below suggest using 2,000 kbps bit rate.  Due to recent improvements in Addroid's video encoding platform, we suggest using a higher bit rate (5,000) for source videos that are uploaded to Addroid. 

Save yourself a little uploading time by pre-compressing your video before you upload it to Addroid. Using Handbrake Easy and free!

Download Handbrake here: After Effects Method

Learn more about Adobe Affter Effects here:   Using Compessor

Learn more about Compressor here:   Using Quicktime 7

Download Quicktime 7 here:


For additional questions about video compression, email