How To Hide / Show Addroid Creatives

This article discusses how to show/hide creatives in the Addroid Create tool.

How To Hide / Show Addroid Creatives

Occasionally you may have test creatives or old creatives that you would like to hide from view.  Addroid does not allow users to delete creatives because we want to avoid any inadvertent deletions of live units, so instead, we allow users to hide units from view.

From the Creatives tab, the indicator in the header shows you the current Hidden or Visible state:

1) How to hide a creative

To hide a creative(s), simply check the box to the left of the creative name and select "Hide" from the "With Selected" menu:

Once hidden, the header will indicate the number of hidden creatives.  To view the hidden creatives, simply click on the word "Hidden" and the display will toggle:

2) How to unhide a creative 

To unhide creatives, simple toggle to the Hidden view as above, select the creatives to unhide, and select "Show" from the "With Selected" menu:

Units will then appear on the "Visible" list when the view is toggled back to "Visible".

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