How To Manage Creative Workflow Using Labels

This article discusses how to use creative labels to manage workflow in the Addroid Create platform.

How To Manage Creative Workflow Using Labels

Every creative team has a unique workflow, and the label feature allows teams to customize workflows for building and delivering creatives.  In this article we discuss how to use labels to create a basic creative workflow.  Labels are visible to Addroid users but not on public preview pages.

1) What is a label in Addroid?

 Labels are organizational tools for creatives (ads) in the Addroid platform.  There are two types of labels: 1) Pre-defined, and 2) Custom.  The former are labels that are built into every campaign by default.  The latter are labels that can be created within a unique campaign.  Labels are accessible from the Creatives tab under "Labels" in the drop-down:

2) How do I use the label feature?

Labels can be added or removed from creatives by simply checking the box to the left of the creative name, clicking the "Labels" menu, then selecting (deselecting) the check box for the label(s) that you wish to apply (remove).    You can add multiple labels to any creative.

3)  How do I filter labeled units to see only certain creatives?

The creative view can be filtered by one or more labels to display only those creatives with labels you wish to view.  To filter by labels you can either select the label name in the "Labels" menu, or type the name in the search box.

To clear the filters, simply click "Clear Filters" in the header bar:

4) How do I add custom labels?

From the "Labels" drop-down click "Add Custom Labels" at the bottom, or visit the "Settings" page for the campaign to create or edit custom labels:

5) How do I use labels to manage workflow?

Labels are designed to note the stage of creatives during the build process.  For example, the creatives shown below represent units at various stages of the build process.  Your designer may want to note creatives the he/she is working on as "In Development", and when finished the units are marked as "Review".  Once a unit has been approved and trafficked, it can be set to "Live".

Many workflows are supported with the label feature, and the example above is a simple case.  Labels can also be used to label specialty units, or to distinguish between creative themes.  For example:

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