Q: Why Is My Date Coding Is Not Working Correctly?

A1: Ensure date coding is setup correctly in the Addroid creative. Dates must be set in chronological order or the coding will display incorrectly. “Edit” the Addroid creative and ensure the date tabs are chronological from left to right (oldest date on the left, most recent date on the right). If a tab is out of order, change the dates on each tab until the order is correct, then re-assign the media files to the correct date. Once date coding is correct, save the ad and “Publish Changes” from the Creatives tab to merge the changes with any live tags.

A2: Ads are often trafficked before date coded variations are fully built or approved, so any changes to ad creative, including date coding, must be merged with live tags. If a live ad is displaying the incorrect messaging, ensure the latest creative is live by selecting the creative from the ‘Creatives’ tab and clicking the ‘Publish Changes’ button on the top right of the screen.  If the latest changes are not live, you will see "Modified" on the right side of your Creatives list under 'Live Status.'

A3: Testing date coding is tricky.  Simply rolling your system clock ahead a few days and refreshing the ad is not sufficient.  The correct method to test an Addroid ad for date coding is to view the demo page and click on the date buttons.  Modern browsers are smart and connect to Internet time servers.  If the system date is substantially out of sync with the actual date, browsers will detect a security threat and not render ads properly.  In addition, caching is more complicated than it used to be, and multiple layers of caches are present in modern browser stacks.  Clearing your browser history will not ensure you are testing date coding properly.

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