Q: Does Addroid Use Polite Loading?

A: Addroid units follow the IAB's guidelines for polite loading of media assets (host-initiated sub-loading).  

When an Addroid ad is called by an ad server, an initial load is triggered.  The initial load is less than 200Kb and includes scripts and a backup image.  Once the Addroid logic layer determines the network connection can support the media files (video), the polite load is triggered and video assets are loaded.  If the network is slow, the backup image remains visible as the default ad.

Shown below is a detailed breakdown of an Addroid ad loading on a naked web page (no other scripts).  The loading time and order are consistent with IAB standards for HTML5 banner units with polite loads.  Note: on publisher web pages, the timing and order may differ due to the presence of other scripts, media, and web/ad server configuration.  Each publisher Q.A. process is unique, and some testing methods return false negative failures for loading order, timing, and initial/polite weight measurement.

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