Q: Why Am I Seeing An Alert To Publish Changes?

A: If you are seeing an alert in the Addroid console that "Publish Changes" is suggested, this means there are creative changes in the 'sandbox' that are not yet reflected in the live placement/tag(s).

This feature is designed to allow changes to be made to live Addroid units without affecting the live creative until changes are approved by all parties.

Once creative changes are approved and ready to merge to live tags, select the creative(s) either one-by-one or in bulk from the Creatives tab, and select 'Publish Changes'.

Once changes have been published, the alerts will clear and the "Live Status" from the Creatives tab will show as "Published". 

Before publishing any changes, it's always a good idea to double check that URLs are fully formed and hotspots are only used for secondary click-outs (not primary).

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