DFP Setup For Mobile Marquee - A Step-By-Step Guide

This article discusses how to set up a placement in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to accommodate a Mobile Marquee ad unit.  This article assumes a moderate working knowledge of DFP.

This guide will cover the following steps:

  1. Ad Unit creation
  2. Placement creation
  3. Tag download and implementation
  4. Trafficking

1) Ad Unit Creation

The first step to implementing a new placement for the Mobile Marquee is to set up a new Ad Unit in DFP.   From the "Inventory" tab in DFP, create a new Ad Unit for a 1x1 size using the following basic settings:

2) Placement Creation

Once the Ad Unit has been created, you will need to create and associate a new Placement in DFP with the Ad Unit.  First create a new Placement, then associate the 1x1 Ad Unit using the search and assign feature:

Save the Placement when finished.

3) Tag Download and Implementation

Once the Ad Unit and Placement have been created for the new 1x1 slot, you will need to download a DFP tag and paste it on every site page that will host the Mobile Marquee.  Select the Ad Unit created in Step #1 and click the "Generate tags" button in the top-right.

At a minimum, you will want to select the options shown below.  Additional targeting can be layered on if desired based on your specific site's offering.

Once the tag has been generated, follow the DFP instructions for implementation on your site pages.  You can use DFP's debugging tools to test for accurate implementation.

4) Trafficking

Once the DFP tag has been successfully posted to you site page(s), trafficking will flow like any other ad unit.  From the "Delivery" tab in DFP, you will need to create an Order, a Line Item, and a Creative.  The Line Item will need to be associated with the Ad Unit and Placement, and the Creative will need to be assigned to the Line Item.

For reference, the simplest approach for the DFP Creative is to use a "Third Party" creative type with a 1x1 size.  Below are the basic recommended settings for the Creative:

Once a Creative tag has been pasted into DFP, the DFP preview page should display the creative.  If the preview does not display properly, contact Addroid support for a revised tag (support@addroid.com).  

Be sure to approve the Order and ensure the status is "Delivering", then test your target page with the appropriate device to ensure the ad is delivering.  In addition, it's always good practice to check that both impressions and clicks are reporting in DFP as well.

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