How To Submit Addroid Tags For Adwords (GDN) Campaigns

This article discusses how to submit Addroid tags for Google Adwords / Display Network (GDN) campaigns.


Before we get started, you will need the following to submit Addroid tags to Google:


  • An active AdWords account number (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
  • An active AdWords display campaign (campaign name)


  • The email address of your AdWords account manager (if assigned)

NOTE:  Google requires either an account manager be assigned to manage 3rd party tag implementation, or a $10,000 minimum campaign spend. 


Setting up Addroid units for your AdWords or GDN campaigns will follow the steps below:

  1. Create your Addroid creatives
  2. Generate Addroid tags
  3. Submit the Addroid tags to Google
  4. Verify your tags are set up correctly

1. Create your Addroid creatives:

There is no special treatment required for Addroid creatives.  Simply build your creatives in the Addroid Create platform and follow our best practices for optimizing your creative.  As always, we recommend for best performance to ensure all creatives have a clear call-to-action throughout the animation and on the end frame.

2. Generate Addroid tags

Once your Addroid creatives have been built and reviewed, you can now create Addroid tags for each placement.  Note that submission to Google will be done through a website form, so we recommend you create a simple text (.txt) file where you will paste the finished Addroid tags.

You can create a single Addroid placement/tag for each size, or if you have multiple Ad Groups in your campaign, multiple Addroid placements/tags can be created for each size.

The recommended tag settings are shown below:

Once your tags have been created, copy and paste them into a single text file or spreadsheet to submit to Google.  To avoid confusion, clearly label each tag in the sheet with the Google AdWords Campaign name, Ad Group name, and Creative name.

3. Submit the Addroid tags to Google

Now that you have the tags ready, it is time to submit them to Google for implementation.   Note that Addroid is a Google certified 3rd party should you be asked.

There are two distinct submission forms provided by Google:

  1. Use this form if you have a Google assigned account manager
  2. Use this form if you do not have a Google assigned account manager

Below you will find form settings that will be helpful as you complete the Google forms:

Should you have any questions as you complete the Google forms, please email

4. Verify your tags are set up correctly

Once your tags have been submitted, allow for at least 24 hours for Google to review the creative.  After approval by Google, verify that the Addroid creative appears under the correct Campaign and Ad Group in your AdWords console.

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