How To Create Site-Served Placements And Tags

In this article, we'll show you how to create an Addroid placement and ad tag for delivery directly to a publisher partner, DSP or ad network. 

To keep campaigns orderly, we suggest creating one placement/tag for each publisher.  For example, for a single 300x250 running on four sites, create four placements including the publisher name in the placement name.

  1. Create Placement

    From the 'Placements' tab in the Addroid console, select "Create" and then 
    "Custom Placement" 

  2. Configure Placement

    From the 'Create Custom Placement' dialog screen, associate a creative to your placement, and enter a Title (name) for your placement.  Unless tags are needed for mobile apps or specialty placements, leave the Advanced Options unchanged.

  3. Deliver Tag To Partner

    The preferred method of delivery to partners is to send the tag link, as opposed to copy/paste the code.  The tag link allows the partner(s) to select their specific macro and tag format according to their unique ad server configuration.

  4. Advanced Options

    If you already know the ad server or settings used by your media partners, or if you wish to set the 'Override URL' at the placement level, you can specify these options while creating a placement, and they will override the default settings:

    The settings above override the click-thru URL set in the creative and default the tag code to use the click macro for DFP.

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