How To Upload Addroid Tags To DoubleClick Campaign Manager

This article discusses how to upload an Addroid creative tag to DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM).

How To Upload Addroid Tags to DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Step 1: Verify the tag format is correct prior to upload to DCM

Before you upload the Addroid creative tag to DCM, ensure the tag is correctly formatted for DCM by looking for the "G" symbol on the Addroid placement page:

Step 2: Create a "Custom Display" creative in DCM

From the DCM console, click "New -> Custom display" to create a new Custom display creative type:

Step 3: Paste in the Addroid tag code

From the creative detail window in DCM, copy and paste the Addroid tag into the "HTML code" box, then save the creative:

Step 4: Preview the Addroid creative

Finally, make sure to preview the Addroid creative from the DCM preview window to ensure the unit is functioning properly.


  • Previewing date code variations from the DCM preview is not recommended.  Use the Addroid creative preview page for previewing date code variations.  DCM's cache will interfere with correct previewing of dates other than the current.

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