Addroid Tag Creation For Doubleclick Campaign Manager Or Sizmek

This article discusses how to create tags for trafficking using Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) or Sizmek.

Prior to exporting tags, make sure to spot-check each creative using our checklist.

This procedure is for creating standard banner placements and tags (300x250, 728x90, etc).  Creating tags for custom placements or specific partners such as 320x480 mobile web units, DCM in-app tags, overlays/interstitials, or Pandora 300x250 units requires involvement from the Addroid team.

Creating Addroid in-page tags for DCM or Sizmek is a simple, two-step process:  1) create placement; 2) download tags.

1. Create Placement
Once an Addroid creative has been spot-checked and is ready for trafficking, a placement is created from the ‘Placements’ tab in the Addroid console.  Since an Addroid placement/tag is upstream from DCM/Sizmek, typically only one placement is needed per size. For example, a 300x250 unit that will be trafficked to multiple partners only requires a single Addroid tag.

a. Navigate to the ‘Placements’ tab and click ‘Create Placement’

b. Select either DCM Placement or Sizmek Placement depending on which ad server your media team uses:

c. On the next page, select the creative, title appropriately, and click "Create"

d. Repeat for other creatives and placements (if needed)

 2. Download Tags

From the Placements page, the tag can be copied/pasted directly into the ad server, or the placement link can be emailed to colleagues or partners.

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