Tag Creation Checklist For Doubleclick Campaign Manager Or Sizmek

This article discusses how to prepare creatives for the trafficking process when Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM) or Sizmek is used by the media agency.

Trafficking Addroid tags through DCM or Sizmek requires specific configuration of the Addroid creatives in order for the live tags to function properly. Prior to exporting a tag from Addroid, please check the following:

  1. Default URLThe ‘Default Landing Page’ field on each Addroid creative, including all date code variations, is not required.  To avoid any confusion, it's best to leave the Default Landing Page field blank.

  2. Date CodesDate codes (if present) should be in chronological order.  Incorrect ordering of the date codes will result in incorrect messaging being displayed in live tags. Ensure the date codes for each Addroid creative are ordered properly.

  3. Hotspot URLsHotspot URLs can be added to Addroid creatives both during the video and on the JPEG end-frame. If added, ensure Hotspot URLs are correctly formed (with http:// or https://) and are correctly placed.

NOTE: The primary click-out will be assigned to the ad server by the media agency, so a large hotspot covering the entire ad is not needed for proper click-out. 

For additional questions about trafficking, please email support@addroid.com. 

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