How To Obtain An Addroid Video Element ID

This article discusses how to obtain an Addroid video element ID for reference in a custom HTML5 unit.

How To Obtain An Addroid Video Element ID

Once you have set up an HTML5 template using your own code or an Addroid-supplied template, you will need to create a video element and obtain an ID to reference in your code.

  1. Create A Video Element

    In the Addroid console, navigate to the "Creatives" tab and "Create -> New Banner"

    The banner size should be sized to only the element size and not the overall container.  For example, if you are creating a 970x250 unit with transparency, your video element may be 700x200.  In this case, you will create an Addroid banner of size 700x200.

    Once you have uploaded your video assets and styled the banner, "Save and Publish" your changes.

  2. Create A Custom Placement

    Now that you have a video unit, you will need a short code snippet (ID) to reference the video file.  

    To obtain an ID snippet, you will need to first create an Addroid placement and then copy the ID from the tag page.

    Follow the instructions at this link to create a placement.

  3. Obtain The ID

    Once you have created a placement, navigate to the placement page and copy the placement ID from the tag code:

  4. Paste In Your Code

    Paste the ID field into your Addroid template, or use the full path ( to reference the javascript in your own code.

    For additional questions, please contact Addroid support at

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