Video Components Overview

This article provides an overview of Addroid video components.

In addition to using Addroid as a complete, stand-alone video display format (i.e. banners), advanced users can use Addroid tags as components in more complex ad executions.   In other words, creative developers can use Addroid within their custom HTML5 creatives and inherit the autoplay video functionality that works across the platform.


The basic process for using Addroid as a video component within your custom HTML5 creative is as follows:

  1. Setup your custom HTML5 ad container, or use one of our basic templates.
  2. Upload your video assets to the Addroid builder and style your video components
  3. Create an Addroid custom placement and tag
  4. Place the Addroid tag inside your HTML5 code as the video element
  5. Upload the HTML5 code to your ad server (eg. DCM, AppNexus, etc)


  • Your HTML5 ads will inherit Addroid's autoplay video functionality across devices, including mobile web and app
  • The video elements will inherit quartile tracking accessible through the Addroid reporting console
  • No third-party host or encoding is needed for video files, Addroid handles this for you.


Using Addroid video in this manner does have some drawbacks.  Our stand-alone banner product is built and tested to perform in any environment.  When your own custom HTML5 code is used for the main ad container, the creative developer takes responsibility for quality assurance and ensuring ad functionality.

  • The HTML5 container will need to handle click-out functionality, so clicks will not track for Addroid video elements in the Addroid console (our templates can show you how to achieve this).
  • Best practice is for video elements to use relatively basic Addroid options, so options such as hotspots, replay and sound may be limited depending on the HTML5 ad container format. 
  • Final asset preparation and delivery to media agencies is the responsibility of the creative developer.

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