Best Practices For Campaign Production

This article discusses the best practices for campaign production by creative teams.

Based on extensive experience, Addroid recommends the following process for campaign setup and production:

  1. Designate a campaign producer with access to the Addroid platform
  2. Have the producer create the Addroid campaign and share the campaign with the creative team
  3. Next, have the producer create placeholder ads for each Addroid creative called for on the media plan/spec sheet, following standard naming conventions
  4. Alert the creative team that ads are ready for production
  5. Upload the assets for each Addroid creative and set up ads
  6. Once finished, producer reviews the ads for correct messaging and functionality
  7. Producer sends demo links to the client for approval
  8. Once approval is granted, producer alerts Addroid and/or media team that creative is complete

Note that after step #3 above, tags can be delivered to media agency for early trafficking.  Once creative updates and approval occur, changes can be merged with the live tags using the 'Publish Changes' feature on the Creative tab.

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