How To Adjust Compression Settings For Addroid Video Display Ads

This article discusses how to adjust compression settings for your Addroid ads.

How To Adjust Compression Settings

Every Addroid ad is designed to be compatible with IAB standards for HTML5 in-banner video creative.  By default, our builder tool selects the compression settings for video and JPG assets that will meet IAB specs, and meet the requirements of most publishers.

Occasionally, you will have a requirement that calls for higher or lower compression.  Once you've uploaded your creative assets to the Addroid builder tool, you can adjust the compression settings for each asset from the asset detail menu:

From the modal, you can adjust the compression with the slider and "Encode Asset" to apply the new settings.

NOTE: If you deviate from the default settings, the ad quality may suffer if the compression is high, or the file size may be large if the compression is low.  Addroid cannot support ads with publishers that are built out of IAB specifications.

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