VAST Ads Explained

This article discusses VAST creatives in the Addroid platform.

VAST is a standard format for video ads used before, during, or after video content, and displayed in a video player.  VAST ads are different than banners in that banners have no video player and render on web pages.  

Addroid VAST ads are Linear VAST ad types.  The difference between Linear and Non-linear is described below:

A Linear VAST ad plays before, after, or in the middle of the publisher's video content, similar to a television commercial.

A NonLinear VAST ad may be an image ad that overlays the publisher's video content while playing.

  1. To create a VAST ad on the Addroid platform, simply select "+ Create VAST Video Ad" from the Creatives menu:

  2. Name the VAST ad and click "Next Step"

  3. Drag and drop your video file (100Mb max) onto the Addroid builder and configure date code and landing pages as-needed.

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