Live Sync Explained

This Article discusses how to publish creative changes after you have trafficked an ad tag for a given creative.

If you make a revision after you’ve generated a tag you’ll have to push that revision live. This is handy in the event you need to swap in new videos or messaging and obtain client approval prior to merging changes with the live tags.

  1. From the "Creatives" tab, you can view the status of creatives.  "Up to date" means all changes are reflected in the live tags.  "Modified" means changes in the builder have yet to be merged with the live tags.

  2. Once you have made changes to the creative, you can send a demo link to your client for approval.  Once the changes are approved, the changes can be merged with the live tags with the 'Publish Changes' function.  

    NOTE: since changes made after tags are generated can affect live ad behavior, best practice is to check new changes as though they are being trafficked for the first time.  See the Media section for a trafficking checklist, or email with questions.

    To publish changes, select the ad from the Creatives tab and click "Publish Changes" from the drop-down menu:

  3. Once changes have successfully been published, a green notification box will appear at the bottom-right of the builder interface:

For additional questions about merging changes with live tags, email

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