How To Date Code

This article discusses why and how to use date coding in your Addroid creatives.

Many times you’ll want to change the messaging of a unit but you don’t want to have to create a second (or third) creative and tag. Addroid lets you “date code” your banner to display different creative depending on the day.

For example, let's say you are marketing a new movie release.  You can create one single 300x250 creative.  For the first (default) date code, the messaging might read "Coming Soon."  You can then add a second date code with a later date with "Now Playing" messaging.  Addroid will handle the date detection and display the correct message to the user based on their individual device date and time.

  1. Once you have created an ad, click on the "+" sign from the builder interface next to the DEFAULT date group to add a new date code:

  2. The new date code will inherit the settings of the Default group.  You can set the date on the new date code by clicking on the "Start Date" field:

  3. Once your date(s) has been selected, you can modify any settings in the creative specifically for that date code.  To toggle between date codes, simply click on the date in Step 1 above.
  4. When you are finished editing all date codes, click "Save Build" and you can preview your date codes from the preview page.

    Note when you send a demo link to your client, the public demo page will also include the date code buttons to toggle between dates.

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