How To Add Hotspots

This article discusses the role of hotspots in Addroid creatives.

Sometimes you need to add one or more additional hotspots (similar to clickTags back in the Flash days) to your end-frame, or even during the initial video. With Addroid that’s done with just a few clicks!  

1) Open the builder and select options gear menu next to your End Image or Video / Animation then select Hotspots from the drop-down menu. 

2) Once you're in lightbox mode hit the blue "+" button. This creates a small hotspot in the top left corner that can be dragged and sized into place. Lastly, add the URL to the Landing Page field and you're good to go.  NOTE: ensure your URL is fully formed including http:// or https://.

3) If you want to delete a hotspot just use the number selector to the left of the "+" button and then click the red trash can to delete. Poof! 

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