How To Upload Assets For Building Autoplay Video Banner Display Ads

This article explains how to upload assets to the Addroid platform.

Uploading assets is one of the first steps to creating your ad unit and it's super simple. Just drag your assets on top of your browser and release.

Please Note:

  1. The most common misconception is that Addroid handles the resizing and placement of the video in the banner. This is not the case. Which means you need to upload a video that matches the dimensions of the desired banner. (i.e. Upload a video that is 300 x 250 for a banner that is 300×250)
  2. The maximum file size is 100Mb.
  3. All assets for a given ad are uploaded to the main interface as shown above.  If you create date coded variations of an ad, the files must all be uploaded to the same place (i.e. the file menu does not change for each date code).

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