Spec Sheet: What’s Needed to Build an HTML5 Compatible Autoplay Video Banner Display Ad

Here's What You Need On Your End

The minimum required assets to build an Addroid unit is a video-sized to the dimensions of your unit. Addroid can automatically generate start-frame and end-frame JPG files for you by toggling the "Generate Frames" setting on the New Creative settings.

Alternatively, you can create a JPG end-frame also sized to the dimensions of your unit for the start-frame and end-frame and upload to the Builder.

Addroid also supports static ad builds if only one JPG file is uploaded to the Builder.

The Video

Once you have a cropped video that matches the size of the unit you want to build—to be clear if you're making a 729x90 leaderboard your video that you upload into Addroid will actually be 728x90—many people ask what format should it be in and what file size? Formats accepted are: MOV, MP4, AVI, WebM, and OGV. Max file size: 100 Megabytes. Watch this video on how "pre-compress" your videos before uploading to Addroid. This is a big time saver!

Once you have your video uploaded the Addroid servers will duplicate and compress your video into multiple formats. We'll take care of all the file size issues: you can't build an out of spec unit with Addroid!

Video Duration for Desktop: If your unit will be running primarily in desktop placements than 15 seconds would be in line with what publishers recognize as the standard duration for any ad unit. With that said, you can run up to a 30-second video and this is still inline with the current IAB spec for in-banner video yet many publishers don't immediately recognize that as the standard and may push back. NOTE: on average we see a negligible lift in CTR from the longer video so we feel it's best to recommend 15 seconds or less for mobile units.

Video Duration for Mobile Only: Say you're building a 320x50 that you know will only be running on phones we highly recommend keeping your video to just 7 seconds. This increases the load time on mobile devices and again, after extensive A/B testing, we saw no lift in CTR when we put 7 seconds of video against 15 seconds of video.

The Endframe

All the information about the end-frame requirements can be found here.

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