Create And Share A Campaign

This article discusses how to create and share a new campaign.

  1. From the main dashboard interface, find and click the "+ Create Campaign" button:

  2. Enter a title for the campaign and click "Create Campaign"

  3. The campaign has now been created, and is accessible from your main dashboard.  To share the campaign with other users, click on the "Sharing" tab from the left menu:

  4. Click the "+ Invite Users" button from the Sharing section and a new dialog will appear.  From this dialog, enter an email address of an existing Addroid user.  NOTE: to share a campaign, the user must be an existing Addroid user.

  5. Once the user's email address has been entered, the system will automatically recognize the address if entered correctly.  You can then choose to share the campaign with full access or read-only access.  Full access will grant the user full rights to create/modify/traffic ads, so default to read-only access unless the user is part of the editing team

For questions about permissions or campaign access, please email

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